Fishing Reports 2006

Tides – Tides play an important part of how the flats fish in Honduras. Higher tides associated with the full and new moons mean deeper water and often there are more permit found on the flat instead of around the deeper edges. If there is some wind to push these tides a little deeper, you’ll have landed in permit heaven! These same higher tides make it more difficult to spot bonefish unless they are tailing. Lower tides make it easier to spot those bones, but also easier for them to spot you. The lower tides also push the tarpon out of the depths of the mangroves and it into the deeper holes where they are fishable.


Honduras Fly Fishing Report 12.1.06
Fly fishing on Roatan remained very consistent over the summer months.
Even though August is typically the month that permit numbers wane, there were still large
schools of fish on the flats. The same was true in September when Jake Sinna managed to land his first permit and many bonefish.
October saw a continuation of beautiful weather even though it is the beginning of the rainy season. Adam Olmstead from Colorado managed to land two permit, and also a nice snook from the flats near Barbaret.
In November the rainy season finally showed up. There was good fishing on calm days and the last week of the month proved to be absolutely gorgeous.
The tarpon fishing has heated up and should be good through Christmas.
There is still some space available for the holidays and into the New Year.

Honduras Fly Fishing Report 6.7.06
Temps - avg. between 78-88 degrees with partly cloudy skies
Winds - out of the east averaging 12 mph, gusting up to 23 mph
Good weather saw some solid fishing in the month of May on Roatan and
Guanaja. The beginning of the month was especially so for angler Ed Kim
on Guanaja. He reports averaging about 10 bonefish a day and also an 8 lb
triggerfish on the flats between Jack's Cay and George's Cay on the south
side of the island. Fish averaged 2-4 lbs with the largest being 6 lbs.
The fish were aggressive with the falling tides leading up to the full
After the full moon on the 13th, the fishing was a bit tougher for anglers
Brooke and Mackenzie Walles on Roatan. The high tides were coming in
midday and weren't cooling the water on the flats enough for lots of fish
to move in to the shallows. The best shots were on the deeper edges of
the flats. Both anglers found success on bonefish and Brooke managed to
land his first permit of 10 lbs on a #8 cream Turneffe crab from the
smaller flat east of Helene. Congratulations Brooke!
The end of the month saw consistent winds of 15-20 mph out of the east.
The choppy conditions did not deter anglers Jerry and Cheri P. staying at
Mango Creek. They landed many bones up to 7 lbs on #4 Puglisi Mantis
Shrimp patterns. Jerry ended an 8 year quest for permit on a fly when he
landed a 23 lb fish on a Merkin crab on his last day at the lodge. He
reported seeing many permit and hooking up a few times before landing his
fish. Congratulations Jerry!
Still seeing lots of permit...

Honduras Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Report 5.15.06
Conditions: Mostly sunny to Partly Cloudy
Temps: 78-90 degrees F
Winds: 10-15 mph, up to 25 mph, from the East, Northeast
Fishing has been consistent on the flats of Roatan through the end of
April and the first half of May. The weather has been agreeable except
for some gusty winds. Anglers Barbara Allen and Dan Castlow saw good fly
fishing on the flats in mid April. They landed many bonefish ranging 2-4
lbs and even a picky boxfish!
Father and son team Darrell and Donnie Ragan were a bit wind battered for
the first part of their trip and chose to use light tackle as an
alternative. They both landed numerous bones, baby tarpon, barracuda, and
snappers. The flats of Barbaret produced well for them including a double
on permit! Darrell hooked the first fish of 5 lbs on a Turneffe crab from
the boat. During the fight, a second 6lb permit followed the hooked fish
and Donnie manged to cast and hook it also using an olive Turneffe crab.
Nice catch gentlemen!
Temperatures have been rising and the best fishing has been earlier in the
morning and in the afternoons. There are still plenty of permit visiting
the flats, so practice casting in the wind before you go! There are more
permit on the flats when the wind pushes in more water and they are less
spooky when the water is choppy.

Honduras Fly Fishing Report 4/10 - 4/15/06

This past week saw good fishing on the flats around Roatan and Guanaja,
Honduras. Weather was good with light winds and for the most part sunny
skies and temperature in the eighties. There were a few cloudy afternoons
and the occasional light shower.
There were a few bonefish to be found on the home flat Monday afternoon.
This flat holds a solid population of bonefish but not too many permit.
The occasional triggerfish can be found cruising and tailing on top of the
reef. Cloudy conditions combined with chop from a northeast wind and the
high tide made it tough to spot fish unless they were deliberately
tailing. More fish were spooked than caught.
Tuesday morning the wind continued and this helped push more water on to
the flat near Helene. The deeper water meant prime conditions for permit!
Before we even landed the boat on the flat, we saw black tails glistening
in the morning sun. There were permit everywhere! Larger schools of
smaller fish (8-10 lbs), schools of 2-3 fish, and larger singles covered
the flat. We had many shots but only managed to hook one fish that
promptly screamed off the flat, wrapped the leader around a coral head and
shredded it. Best flies were Turneffe crabs in cream and olive, size #6
and lightly weighted.
Tarpon fishing was also good around the docks of Helene. Angler Don
Wilkerson jumped three, landing one of about 20-25 lbs on an orange
grizzly Cockroach. Capt. Ted Lund also landed one tarpon of 6-8 lbs on
the flats of Barbaret. We also found agreeable mudding bones in the same
area. We had shots at some smaller snook on one of the beaches of
Barbaret as well.
Wednesday we were off to Guanaja. The winds had calmed which made for a
smooth ride over to the island. As we approached the first flat at the
eastern side of the island, we were greeted by hundreds of waving bonefish
tails! Bonefish populations on the flats of Guanaja are outstanding! The
day's fishing produced a number of bones from 2-4 lbs. Best flies were
Bonefish Bitters of any size or color. Our best shot at permit came mid
morning, two 10-12lb fish were following the Turneffe crab before a Yellow
Jack sped in front of them and mowed it down.
Thursday found us back on the flats near Helene looking for permit. We
found a good school cruising the smaller flat east of Helene. A good cast
in front of them sent them scrambling to find the fly but upon stripping
the fly so the fish could see it, it hooked on some turtlegrass and the
fish quickly lost interest. There were also some tailing bones in the
same area. We moved to the larger flat, where we had good shots at
schooling perms but no takers. There were a host of triggerfish, 3 foot
lemon sharks, barracuda of all sizes and also 3 fully grown(3-4 ft)
Rainbow Parrotfish on the flat as well. Look for permit working behind
the triggerfish. The largest fish we saw that day (20 lbs) was following
one of the larger triggers.
Friday was the day after the full moon. Winds were calm and the tide was
not as high as it had been. We saw one school of fast cruising permit on
the flats that wasn't very interested in eating. There were some larger
bones tailing but the calm conditions made them tough to approach and cast
to. The triggerfish and parrotfish had moved from the flat to on top of
the reef in the fly line snagging coral. We also saw a few lemon sharks
and a four foot cuda crashing bait. This day proved best for a few Port
Royals and rum cocktails and stories about sea monsters and the elusive
Easter leprechaun.

Honduras Fishing Report 3/16-06 Roatan, Honduras

February saw some rain and wind in Roatan, but this did not stop anglers from having some success staying at Mango Creek Lodge. Despite the weather, bonefishing was consistent for fish averaging 4 lbs up to 8 lbs. Catching 5-10 bones a day is not uncommon. Best flies for the flats of Roatan and Guanaja are unweighted and weedless patterns such as the Snapping Shrimp in size 6.
Permit have been seen in increasing numbers since the end of February. It’s not unusual to see 20-40 permit a day ranging up to 30 lbs! These fish frequent the same flats as the bonefish, so it’s best to be prepared for either. Best flies are Merkins and Ragheads in sizes 4 - 8.
The Bay Islands of Honduras are mostly a baby tarpon fishery. Nine and ten weight rods are sufficient and Keys style patterns, Spawning Shrimp, and Whistler patterns should put you into fish. Recent anglers have had shots at grand slams but the fish keep spitting the hook!
The spring season is here and this means consistent weather and great fishing! Visit or contact Jason Balogh at 307-690-1139 for more info.