Rods – the best all around rod for bonefishing is a 9 foot 8 wt. In lighter winds, 6-7 wt. rods can be useful, and a 9 wt. might be helpful to cast on very windy days.

Reels - reels to match the weight of rod are sufficient; 200 yds. of 20 lb. backing

Fly line – lines should be made for fishing in the tropics and also weight forward and floating to match the rod

Leaders – a nine foot 10 lb. leader will suffice for most situations, bring along a spool of 10 lb. tippet for lengthening of the leader

Flies – the best bonefish flies are unweighted and have weedguards; also have a few crab flies that are weighted for deeper water fish; this list is by no means comprehensive

      Snapping Shrimp #6-8
      Horror (olive, tan) #6-8
      Honey Shrimp #6-8
      Bonefish Bitters (amber, chartreuse) #6-8

      Clouser Minnows (tan, olive) #2-6
      Pink or Tan Puff #4-6
      Agent Orange #6-8
      TDF Shrimp (olive, white) #6-8

Rods – the bonefish outfit described above will suffice for permit fishing, but you may want to also have a 9 wt. rod for casting heavier flies in the wind

Reels – 8 wt. and 9 wt. reels will cover most fishing situations

Fly line – tropical line that matches the reel, weight forward floating lines; a floating line with an intermediate tip can be useful when fishing crab flies – it effectively lengthens the leader and gets the fly to the bottom quicker

Leaders – leaders should be a little longer, 10-12 feet, and a little stronger, 12-15 lb., than bonefish leaders

– permit love crabs when they are on the flats, if they are cruising in deeper water then mantis shrimp patterns can be effective

      Merkin Crab (tan, olive, chartreuse) #4
      Turneffe Crab (olive, cream) #4-8
      Raghead Crabs (olive, tan) #4-8
      Mantis Shrimp ( olive, tan) #4
      Spawning Shrimp #4

Honduras on the Fly ties weedless flies for bonefish and permit that were designed and tested on the flats of Roatan and Guanaja with the cooperation of the guides at Mango Creek.
Order some at

Rods – 9 foot 10 wt. rods with a stiff butt section

Reels- to match the rod ; 250 yds. of 30 lb. backing

Fly lines – a tropical weight forward floating line will cover most situations, but an extra spool loaded with an intermediate sinking line will be better for deeper ocean side flats

Leaders – typical tarpon leaders with 16-20 lb. class tippet and 60-80 lb. shock tippet

Flies – flies tied on chemically sharpened hooks or even circle hooks in sizes 1/0 – 3/0 will do best. Keys style flies produce but also have flies that push water like whistler patterns

      Black Death - keys style
      Orange/Ginger - keys style
      White/Red - keys style
      Orange/Yellow - whistler style
      Chartreuse/White – whistler style

Jacks, Snook
The tarpon out fit described above will suffice for jacks and snook. Heavy shock tippet (80 – 100 lb)is required for the razor sharp gill plates of snook. A selection of Deceiver style flies chartreuse, white/green, or yellow/red and tied on 1/0 - 2/0 hooks should cover fly fishing for these aggressive feeders.

The bonefish outfit described above will cover any barracuda fishing situations. Wire leaders (40 lb.) are necessary for these toothy predators. Long Needle fish imitations in orange or chartreuse should entice barracuda.